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What is Snake Tails?

Should you not have seen Snake Tails before, it is a fun, educational and interactive experience for staff and students and, we come to you, at a minimal outlay for parents. The cost is $10/student plus GST.

This is an opportunity to interact with the turtles, lizards and non-poisonous snakes for the students while receiving positive messages on reptiles. Students also get the opportunity for visual recognition only (no touching) of the 4 deadly snakes we find in NSW (in tamper proof boxes).  As an experienced Herpetologist, Bob also busts several myths that exist about reptiles - specifically snakes.
“Snake Tails” is a customised presentation for Stage 4 through to Stage 6 students and complements the “Living World” in the curriculum. In Years 7 & 8: Classification of Reptiles & Years 9 & !0: Environment & Ecology includes topics such as characteristics and features; what does cold-blooded mean; methods of camouflage; defensive features; biological features; sexual reproduction; toxicology/ history of anti-venoms; theory of adaptation; inter-grade species and endo/ectotherms as well as conservation & the environment; why reptiles are needed in the Australian environment; favoured eco-system for reptiles & impact of eco-systems on reptiles. This presentation enables students to be able to relate the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction.

It is easy to see how this performance for either of the Stages supports the key concepts developed within the new Science Curriculum in the "Natural Environment" in that there is a diverse range of living things that have evolved on Earth. Students will gain an appreciation of the interdependence of living things and how they interact with each other and the environment. Through this strand ("Living World") students gain an understanding of how the structure of living things relates to the functions that their body systems perform and, how these features aid their survival.

As either presentation provides a valuable understanding and hands on experience for you students they could make an ideal study topic for their substantial research project during their latter study stages as many students may actually have reptiles of their own and this gives them an opportunity to utilise and express their passion in this scientific requirement for their studies.

There is also a NAIDOC performance that is available. Whilst conducting a reptile survey in the 1970's in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Bob was fortunate enough to be invited to, and guided by elders through this sacred area.  He learnt the importance of reptiles to their community way of life, during this month long period.  They unselfishly shared their knowledge which Bob is still passing on today.  He was privileged to attend corroboree whilst with the community and, it is this knowledge, including some myths and legends that he recounts in our NAIDOC presentation including various hunting and cooking skills for reptiles, that provided the dietary mainstay and thus importance for many communities.  Bush awareness is also included in this knowledge.

There is a minimum requirement of 100 students attending overall on the day, whether from one Stage or more.  (Should you wish to combine classes or stages, we suggest a performance of 1½ - 1 ¾ hours instead of the usual duration of 1 hour.)

There are also School Resources available for teachers, from the Web Site, once a Booking is confirmed for your School. The performance is completed with a section on Bush Awareness and first-aid and includes vital information for your students and staff alike.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by phone : 0243 285928 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Our office hours are 8.30-2pm Mon-Friday.)  We look forward to speaking with you soon and to your feedback.  Your feedback enables "Snake Tails" to remain relevant to the curriculum, thus being able to provide a fun, interactive and educational experience for your students.

It will be great to include a visit to your school on our calendar!