All About Bob

Bob Withey, owner and senior presenter with “Snake Tails”, is a hands-on herpetologist with almost 30 years of experience in breeding and displaying reptiles. He has been keeping reptiles for more than 50 years. Passionate about reptiles, today Bob is on a mission to demystify them and increase our understanding of their behaviours and their place in the environment.

He does this by touring throughout NSW and visiting schools, shopping centres and agricultural shows with his mobile display. “Snake Tails” individually designs its presentations to meet audience expectations, complimenting the school curriculum, but most importantly, busts the myths that surround our reptiles. “Snake Tails” encourages audience participation as a tool in this educational process with a strong conservation and environmental theme being noticeable in all presentations.

Bob has been a pioneer in the breeding industry, successfully breeding snakes and lizards in captivity. He has owned one of the largest, private collections in Australia before embracing his current role that can be summed up in our Mission Statement: “Snake Tails” will deliver a greater insight into our Australian reptiles by using a safe, interactive and mobile medium.  We can demystify our reptiles and promote an understanding  of their place in our environment.

He has kept reptiles from an early age – he was five when he got his first diamond python. He has been fortunate to know and work with some of the most renowned people in this field: mentored by the late Eric Worrell as a young man, Bob has been associated with the late Graeme Gow and Joe Bredle and more recently, Robbie Bredle.

During his career Bob has taken part in extensive field research in northern Australia, specifically in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, working with snakes, lizards and crocodiles.  He has made appearances on Burke’s Backyard, Animal Hospital and Totally Wild, as an expert herpetologist.  And now he delivers “Snake Tails” to demystify and promote a greater understanding of our unique, Australian reptiles.  After all, we live with them and they live with us – a greater understanding provides the key to a happier and safer co-existence.